Anti-Inflammation/Lymph Node Detox

Anti-Inflammation/Lymph Node Detox

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Healing Garment for helping with inflammation and lymph nodes. Two imbalances that are often connected. We need to detox our lymph nodes in order for our body to expel toxins that clog our pores and invade our bodies causing cancer, illnesses, and inflammation.

100% smooth raw silk hand dyed with specific herbs such as turmeric, cayenne, calendula, echinacea, Rosemary, sage, black pepper, ginger  and nettle.

Top fits sizes small-medium

Pants fit sizes 0-12

Hand wash in cold water and hang dry, and store in dark place for longest color life.

Made to order. If you would like to modify the herbal blend, please just send me a message and we can work together to balance your beautiful body.

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