Water Leaflet Wrap Pants

Water Leaflet Wrap Pants


Water Leaflet Wrap Pants with button in front and tie in back

Waist measures 28” when buttoned

Connected to the third eye chakra for increased intuition, wisdom and spiritual connection.

Wonderfully comfortable pants equipped for making you feel at your absolute best for every and any event including fancy lounging.

100% cotton Fabric Block Printed and dyed with Indigo on Bagru Farm in Jaipur, India.

Your purchase of this piece directly supports the workers on this dye farm and will allow for continuous support for future creations.

As a natural fiber, at the end of it’s life, cotton can be returned to the earth to benefit the soil.

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One Size fits most. The wrap pants provide the option for many different body types to be able to wear them. The pants measure 30 inches on the front and on the back panel so they should be able to fit a 55 inch waist with a little leg showing which is never a bad thing.