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Here at Allysun, we strive to create the best healing options for you and your health.

What you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body.

Our skin is our largest organ and we owe it to ourselves to treat it well. The environments we surround ourselves with govern what effects us. When we sweat and eat, our body is sensitive to what it’s taking in. So, just like we wouldn’t eat or bathe in synthetic chemicals, why do we wear them on our most vulnerable organ? When we drape ourselves in fibers and dyes produced by the earth, we in turn begin to become closer to the earth and protect and heal our liver, immune system, headaches, heart disease, colds, inflammation, cancer, mind set and much more with the healing power of plants infusing into our skin.

Each piece is made with carefully sourced fabric, fibers, and plants that benefit the wearer, the maker, and the earth.

We strive to produce zero waste from our creations. Each piece is either drafted to have little to no excess fabric scraps or the scraps are saved and made into bags, rags, or pillow stuffing.

We ship mindfully too, using plastic free envelopes or re-using old packaging and encourage you to do the same.

Each piece is made with the health and well being of you and our beautiful earth in mind.

Each piece is 100% biodegradable and beneficial to our planet because everything is made from natural fibers and plant dyes. This means that after your loved garment has been passed down to your children and grandchildren and has been mended, hand washed and hang dried many times, you can lovingly release it and all it’s energy back into the earth from whence it came and it will nourish the soil as it nourished you and your loved ones for years and years.


        Allysun West is a medicinal dye based textile designer in Portland, Maine. She completed her BFA in Textiles and Fashion from the Maine College of Art in 2018. where she began working with natural fibers, and plant based dyeing methods, transforming her work into garments of healing.

        Intrigued by alternative medicinal qualities offered by plants, which also produce the dyes she colors her fabrics with, West challenges the ideas of synthetic based items in and around our bodies with an alternative option of natural comfort and healing from the outside inward. A process she refers to in the creation of her garments as radiating energies. 


Mission Statement:

I want to heal you. Through awareness and knowledge about plants and animals and their healing abilities. I want to create special and unique garments and items that protect and heal your body, mind and soul by using plants and chakras.

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Artist Statement

As an eleven year old I was diagnosed with a curious disease and was given standard drugs to make me feel better. I later realized that the Western medicine I was using merely suppressed my symptoms instead of fixing the actual problem. After this realization, I started using herbal medicine which works naturally with my bodies own system to help heal itself. Throughout history, plants such as Calendula, Madder, Alkanet, and Indigo have been known to produce colors of yellow, red, purple and blue. Although different in nature, these plants share something essential to my practice; they all possess medicinal properties. My work then harnesses the positive healing energies emanating from natural fibers, such as wool and linen, in combination with medicinal natural dyes. The medicinal qualities are emitted through the active chemical compounds in the plant and then soaked into the fabric to radiate both the dye and fiber healing qualities onto the wearer. These medicinal energies are presented in the form of garments to promote a direct pathway for healing by being absorbed through the skin. Thus the healing garments act as an armor, a second skin, and create a sanctuary for the person wearing them.


Allysun In the Wild

You can find my products at these locations:

☀ Lemon Zest Home

15 Middle Street Suite B3 Portland, ME 04101




BFA in Textiles/Fashion at Maine College of Art, Portland, Maine


Fibers department at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, MA


Group Exhibitions


Thesis show

Medicinal Garments in MECAmorphosis Fashion Show


BFA Show, Maine College of Art, Portland, ME

Mind, Body, Spirit, Plant Medicine, Oceanfront in MECAmorphosis Fashion Show, Maine College of Art, Portland, ME

Merit Show, Maine College of Art, Portland, ME


Crocheted Circle in MECAmorphosis Fashion Show, Maine College of Art, Portland, ME


Fibers Spring Show, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, MA




Teaching Assistant - Susan Tobey White - Fiber College

(1 day rolling class) Surface design: stencil and painting with Golden brand fabric paint.


Teaching Assistant - Amelia Poole - Fiber College

(1 day rolling class) Eco printing: dyeing fabric with plants and flowers.


Teaching Assistant - Jackie Graf - Fiber College

(1 day workshop) Natural dyeing


       Teacher - Maine College of Art

Medicinal Dyeing Workshop

Assistant - Maine College of Art

       Indigo Dyeing Workshop


       Teacher - Maine Audubon Society

       Medicinal Dyeing with Native Plants of Maine


       Teacher - Fiber College

       Meditative Machine Knitting Workshop

Medicinal Dyeing Workshop

Professional Activities


Marketing Director at Fiber College, Searsport, ME

Internship at Lana Plantae, Buxton, ME


Bittersweet Vine arch Installation, Fort Williams State Park, Cape Elizabeth, ME




MECA Magazine: The Healing Power of Art

Spring 2019 - Front Cover and Spotlight Spread

Girl Cult Magazine - 4 Page Spread